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Regenerative burner

Brief introduction
The regenerative burning system equipped in various industrial furnaces is made of regenerative burner, reversing system and control system.
Regenerative burner, compared with regenerative furnace, has the advantages of compact structure, short reversing time, low exhaust temperature, high heat recovery and small preheat temperature fluctuation.
 The regenerative burner generally include two same burners, two regenerators, a set of reversing valve system and matched control system. The two generators are at regenerating (smoke flows) and pre-heating (air flows) conditions and use reversing device to make smoke and air flow through every regenerators in turn.
 The heating process of regenerative burner can bu calculated by cycle. In the former half cycle, fuel and air accessed by burner 1 and the high speed high temperature flame from burner 1 melts the furnace charge. The matched burner 2 extracts smoke in the furnace with the draft effect of ejecting air and heats the regenerator in regenerator 2. For regenerating oil has big specific surface area, strong thermal storage capacity, good thermal conductivity and small heat penetrating depth, the regenerator can reach heat saturation state, which is beneficial to shorten the fluctuation of preheating temperature, shorten reversing time and reduce regenerator size.
 In the after half cycle, the reversing device switchover the flow direction of smoke and combustion air. Burner 1 extracts smoke and burner 2 is in burning state. Cold air is preheated to high temperature in regenerator 2 and sent to burner 2. The regenerator is cooled gradually. Meanwhile, burner 1 extracts smoke and heats regenerator 1. The temperature of smoke discharged from regenerator is between 150~180℃. The low temperature smoke is evacuated through smoke ejector.
Repeat the cycle to maintain the combustion process.

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