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Gas type burner

DW-I Low pressure vortex gas burner
The minimum gas pre-pressure is 400Pa and the normal is 800Pa. When the pressure is above 1000Pa, there should be throttling gasket in the gas vent. The required air is led by ventilator. The air pre-pressure should be kept at 2000Pa and no more than 2500Pa. When the pressure is above 2500Pa, the burning capacity of burner is 12% higher than normal capacity.
MRP type gas flat flame burner
This burner is suitable for mixed gas, coke oven gas, generator gas, hot coal gas and hot air. It uses the centrifugal effect and wall attachment effect of rotating flow to form flat flame. It makes the furnace has the feathers below:
  (1) Increase the thermal radiation capacity of furnace wall to strengthen the diabatic process;
  (2) The temperature in the furnace is uniform and the heating of material is uniform;
  (3) It can use hot air and hot gas and it is fuel economy.
This burner is used in forging furnace to shorten the forging time, quicken the warming speed, uniform the forging and save fuel. It reduces the difference in temperature used in thermal treatment furnace, improves the furnace pressure distribution used in steel rolling continuous heating furnace and reduces heat loss used at furnace top.
    Usage condition: Gas pressure: 1500Pa
    Gas temperature: Normal temperature
    Air pressure: 3500Pa
    Air temperature: 450℃
    Regulating ratio: 1:8
MPS type gas jet burner
Gas jet burner uses the high speed airflow jetted by gas to inhale the required air, so it doesn't need fan or air circuit. It is easy to use. The mixture of air and gas is uniform; the burning is fast and flame temperature is high. It is easy to achieve high temperature combustion area that is most advantageous to the burning of low heat gas.

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