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Tieling Xinxin Industrial Furnace Equipment Co. Ltd. The company established in March, 1993, is a specialized enterprise in the manufacture of industrial furnace burner and accessories....

No.131 Huigong Street, Yinzhou District, Tieling, Liaoning Province, China
P.C: 112002
Fax: +86 024-74014019

We recruit people for the following position:

1.1-2 office management staff
2.Cars, clamp, welding, electrical power engineering and other craftsmen and several (permanent / temporary)

Working description :

1.Office management staff:daily text edition, factory local net management, CAD drawing,products design,etc.
2.Skilled worker:related works.

Working time and sites:

Huigong Street,Yinzhou District,Tieling City,Liaoning Province.;
8:00--16:30 Time can be adjusted according to specific personal condition. Actual working time is 8 hours.


1.No specific limitation to gender, age and studying background.
2.Healthy,have good communication, expression and organization ability,strong responsibility and good team spirit.
3.Office worker:Skillfully operate computer,familiar with word, Excel,etc. Able to use AutoCAD,web making,photoshop,etc.
4.Skilled worker:can skillfully do the job.

Priority is given to the following people:

1.Have working experience as web manager in medium of small size enterprise.
2.Have related working experience or related major college degree graduates.
3.Have driving license.


1.Probationary period is 3 months,1200-1500yuan.After the period, see the ability, salary can reach above 2000yuan.
2.Others can be adjusted according to the ability.

Interview :

Interview recorded under contact with the appointment time, bring the completed "resume" to the company to participate in Interview
Contact:Hou Zhe     Contact:+86-24-74014958
E-mail: XinxinFurnace@gmail.com

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